Racetorx Yamaha MT10 / R1 Tie-down pillion peg blanks

Racetorx Yamaha MT10 / R1 Tie-down pillion peg blanks


Pillion Blank Plates x2 Set

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Racetorx pillion peg blanks kit x2 brackets

Rear Foot Rest Blanking Plates for Yamaha MT10/R1 2015 – Present

Once you have removed the pillion pegs, Whats left is some sad holes, fill the void with a set of Racetorx blanking plate.

These Footrest Blanking Plates have been specially designed to cover/protect both the left and right-hand sides of the MT10/R1 2015-Present

Racetorx footrest Blanking Plates are easy to install, Simply bolting into place in place of the rear pillion pegs, covering those otherwise exposed sub-frame holes, that if left uncovered could result in corrosion of the frame/subframe from dirt, water and debris buildup.

What’s better is we have also incorporated tie-down strap legs for the days to travel.

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